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Follow That 

LA’s top comics take the stage to watch the most emotionally challenging viral videos on the web - for the first time - in front of a live audience. These are the viral videos that make us cry, leave us speechless and sometimes even scare the hell out of us. They say tragedy + time = comedy. FOLLOW THAT! takes ‘time’ out of the equation. After we watch the most heart-wrenchingly sappy & sometimes cringe-worthy vids on the web, each comic gets just 8 minutes to bring us from tears of sadness to tears of laughter. The twist is, that you decide which video each comic has to follow. Will you choose a softball, or will you go for the gut-punch?


Deb DiGiovanni

Dave Waite 

Lydia Popovich

Baron Vaughn 

Stephen Furey 

Drennon Davis 

Hosted by Jason Webb & Matt Lieb 

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